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That dab tho......
Love the song at the end.
You used LMMS, I can tell :p
I use LMMS also!
If you ever want a song for a video, just ask!



I feel like the category of "other" suits this well. LMAO.
Interesting. 4* for what it is lol.
I literally just rated it 5* on accident, lol.
Nice job.

thepotatopeople10 responds:

Um thank you.

This is not original.
This is taken from Hardstop Lucas.
You need to give credit.

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I don't know if it was intended, but, I wasn't able to get past the first form page, the one where it wants you to put your email, and did you like the game etc....
I am using Chrome, and I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I know Morse, so, this was a blast!

Maxed everything :)

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Maybe the drums/beat is slightly in your face in respect to the song... besides that, great job!
I like the chill vibe, you pulled it off nicely :)

Zophar responds:

Yeah thanks! I could have fixed that if it wasn't for my brother...

Love how simple this is... how it's only the drums... however... it needs no more...
Love how this solely depends on rhythm. :)
5/5 - 10/10! :DD

RealBlargMaster responds:

I mean, there are a few FX that I added in but I'd say they don't count as instruments. But it does get boring after a while.

Your guitar inspires me so much ngl...
one of these days imma record sum... hopefully :P
love the emotion you pour into your pieces... I can feel it :)
Gah I'm a sucker for guitar what can I say XD
Deffs 5/5 - 10/10, as usual... only cause I can't go higher ;-;
Where do you record, and what do you use?
Like if I was going to record meh guitar... just wondreing if you had any tips? :D

KrinnValKhristi responds:

Welp... let's see...My first piece of advice is:

You will want to research something called "Gain staging". THIS IS TRE IMPORTANTE... I would nae recommend doing dis without dis.

What it means essentially is, you want to have a very low signal coming in; for a computer maybe -12db on the track.

Depending on how you record your guitar, this can vary greatly.

This purrrrticular song was done DI or "Direct In". I just plugged me strat into me splat, and den dare I was. (splat means interface)

If you do DI, I would recommend Poulin plugin for your Amp modeler, and then you can use W/E ye want fur your cabinet modeler. I use Guitar Rig 5. (The stock plugins suck, but it works for a cab modeler)

There is ANOTHER WAY!!! And I have used it too.

I use what they call an "attenuator". It is fancy word for something that lets you use high voltage amps with yoru interface so it does not burn it out.

You can't put 100 watts into an interface, THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER! ROFL

Oh, and don't spill koolaid in your tube amp.

This Attenuator will allow you to get A REAL amp sound into your DAW.

It has worked great for me.

I hope that helps. ^_^

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How. Did. You. Do. This.
like did you make a bunch of separate pictures, and then kind of combine them?
at any rate... this is wow awesome, amazing.

Troisnyx responds:

I went with a PowerPoint slide worth of pixels (16:9 or 16:10 in ratio), then had a calculator by me and kept finding multiples of that image width, and expanding the canvas accordingly and drawing on the new white space each time.

So my original image would've been 1366 x 768. I would anchor the original image onto the top and then add another 768 pixels below to continue drawing on, and so on and so forth.

Sketchbook 😍
Wow the revolving dimensions blend together so well.
The mastery here is insane :o
You've outdone yourself, this is amazing.
Those waves tho!!!! O_O
This is a masterpiece, and you deserve 1000 likes for this :)

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, I'm glad you think so. When this came out it had a score barely above 4 and I was certain somehow that I was doing something wrong... Glad you enjoy it~

obviously took some time.

teodorattt responds:


I do all genres, none in particular, but I love all musics :3


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